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SOUL by Ludacris SL300WB High Definition Noise Canceling Headphones Review

SOUL by Ludacris SL300WB
Headphones by:
Ludacris SL300WB High Definition Noise Canceling Headphones

Reviewed by:
On January 2, 2013
Last modified:May 7, 2014


High quality audio sound and performance. Hard to beat this kind of value!

I bought a pair of Soul by Ludacris headphones a few months back and the same time my brother bought the Beats Mixr On-Ear Headphones. I am very happy with my decision. Since I have another pair with the same specs, it is much easier for me to point you in the right direction. To me SOUL is easier and better than Beats.

First of all, you need to insert the batteries in the well hidden slot. For that I had to search every corner of the headphone, once found, I was unable to open it. For that reason the manual came in handy, actually it was my brother’s stuff so I was a bit hesitant because I didn’t want to break his headphones. However, I finally managed to insert the batteries. Sigh of relief!

Soul By Ludacris Goes Well With Any Type of Music

Now for the real part, the way I felt with the SOUL by Ludacris itself. I am using this accessory with my phone these days. With these headphones, I tried every type of music genre and I am glad to say it responded well to all of them. I am impressed the way these headphones brings the sound with clear Vocals and Crisp beats. You can have a clear listening experience with these headphones. Prior to that I had an MP3 player with which I used to play music on older headphones and the results were very poor. Upon using this with that Mp3 player I was enchanted to see that the sound was increased significantly and it was clear as well.

It has a handy remote to satisfy your needs of changing the tracks on the go. Since the buttons are on the headphones, you cannot see them. But, they are so well placed and at such a perfect location that you can operate it efficiently without any hurdle.

Comfort Of Headphones

Now you want to know how comfortable it is. I know, I know. It is comfortable in all respects. The sound is quality and balanced in every sense. For many people, comfort is the primary concern while choosing which headphones to buy. What good are headphones, if they starts hurting you after some time. The noise cancellation sometimes causes pain but here we are talking about SOUL by Ludacris, and it does just that, soothes your soul. Click Here to get the SOUL by Ludacris SL150BW High-Definition On-Ear Headphones


In all I highly recommend this pair to any new buyer. Having this product you can safely say that you have a quality product in your hands and it is at an affordable and a reasonable price. Most of the time I find out that instead of using his own headphones, my brother has been using my headphones over his ears and sometimes he just refuses to return it to me until he finished his listening. To me this is the only problem with these, which surely is not a true concern if you have some command over your brother. My brother and I are so friendly that I do not restrict him from using it. Yeah, I know, I’m a good brother, but I am lucky to have the Soul by Ludacris.

High quality audio sound and performance. Hard to beat this kind of value!

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